Here are a few key biography questions to ask yourself as you kick off your biography in 2015. 
They may see fairly simple ways to start, but they will do just that....get you started. 

  • Describe your ______________  (parent, grandparent, favorite uncle, etc.) to someone who has never met him or her? 
  • What is your earliest memory?  (fascinating question....and opens the door to a host of other memories about your childhood)
  • Share about a friendship that has meant a lot to you. 
  • What was the best time of your life? Why?
The important thing is to reflect on what really matters most to YOU.  What makes you tick?  By going through the life review and reminiscence process, you are opening the door to your future.   What have you always loved?  What are some things that you'd like to try again at this point in your life?   Looking back will only help you look ahead.