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LifeBio Memory






LifeBio captures life stories of residents in Assisted Living and Memory Care to improve health and wellness. We will work directly with the residents and families, so staff does not have to assume that responsibility.

The story process in Assisted Living and Memory Care typically creates three products that enhance person-centered care:

  • Life Story Book – One printed personalized book is provided for each person to keep and share with family
  • Snapshot Summary – To display for others to learn more about the person 
  • Action Plan – Provides suggestions for staff to care for each individual, based on their personal experiences

Care planning requires the life history and information on preferences and goals. The Action Plan educates staff to assist in personalizing care, which lessens boredom and anxiety. Knowing a person’s background and interests can help staff diffuse situations and provide ideas for redirection.

LifeBio makes this easy for you. We work directly with families to gather information. For residents who are interested, we have a process that allows their involvement. Staff or volunteers may help in the process, depending on an organization’s preferences and available time.

LifeBio will offer full training to anyone interested in participating. Our staff can work over the phone, through videoconferences, or in person. LifeBio provides editing on all included products.

LifeBio’s technology is used behind the scenes to build and safely store life stories. Residents and families can add stories and photos online if they wish.

LifeBio can customize agreements for Assisted Living and/or Memory Care.

What’s Included:

  • Getting Started Box and Getting Started Training for staff
  • Phone Interviews with family members of residents in Memory Care
  • Website & app access for families and residents to build and save stories online
  • LifeBio journals with life story questions
  • LifeBio Connect interview training for volunteers, family, and staff
  • Life Story Books, Snapshot summaries, and Action Plans created by LifeBio staff
  • Engagement materials, including Story Cards and MemoryBio, for memory care


Marketing Advantage

Family expectations are high. They expect staff to know the whole person. LifeBio helps marketing, life enrichment, and memory care work together to ease onboarding and transitions.

LifeBio differentiates your community in competitive markets. Demonstrating higher levels of connection can enhance the lives of residents, families, and staff. LifeBio can use your initial marketing and social history data as a starting point to build a thorough life story for each resident.


Additional Services

In addition to our life story services, LifeBio powers MyHello, a phone-based loneliness intervention. Some residents struggle more with social isolation than others, and MyHello is a solution. Weekly one-on-one or group calls provide meaningful engagement for those who are isolated in their rooms. MyHello is a great tool for residents who require more attention or individual interaction from staff.

MyHello can be used by itself or in conjunction with our other LifeBio services. For more information about MyHello options click here.



LifeBio uses reminiscence methods to encourage memories and conversations with residents in Assisted Living and Memory Care.

LifeBio offers custom license agreements, which include materials, training, and ongoing support. We are happy to provide you with more information, a sample pack, or a custom quote.

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