As a child did you ever put your right leg in and put your right leg out? Surely at a wedding or some gathering you have put your right leg in and shaken it all about. Have you done the Hokey Pokey and turned yourself about? Some say that’s what it’s all about.

While most of us would now agree that the Hokey Pokey is not actually what it is all about, there are some things the Hokey Pokey may have gotten right. First of all, it is a song and dance about movement. We recognize the importance of moving our bodies. We have all heard the health impacts of exercise and diet. We know about the benefits for our physical bodies, and we are learning more about how a healthy diet and exercise also improve our cognitive functions.

Do you remember the last verse of the Hokey Pokey? It sings, “Put your whole self in…” It involves our whole beings. Many studies are now showing how other factors impact our overall health, more than just our diet and exercise. Our whole body and being plays a role. This especially includes our mental health.

Some researchers are now focusing on the importance of staying mentally active to keep a healthy brain. What are some activities that can encourage healthy mental engagement? Perhaps the more obvious include reading and writing. Participating in group discussions also stimulates your brain. Other ways involve doing crossword puzzles or playing board games or card games. Playing music further enhances a healthy brain. Keeping our brains healthy can be fun, so keep singing, “That’s what it’s all about!”



A recent Harvard Health Publication tells of the importance of social interaction on health and longevity. Evidence shows that social connections may play as strong a role as diet and exercise in protecting memory and cognitive function. Social connections aid in decreasing loneliness and depression. Connectivity can lower stress levels, and it encourages us to engage our mental processes. Being social can delay the onset of dementia and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s.



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