1. You may not think anyone wants to know your life story. You might think, “Who wants to hear about me?” Family and friends really do want this type of information recorded, but they may not have the time to help you do it. To your family and close friends, YOU are who they care about—more so than movie stars, sports heroes, or politicians. They would like to read your book. Too few people actually decide to move forward with their autobiographies. Only an estimated 6% of Americans capture their life stories. So many life stories are lost.

2. You may think you’ll do it someday—procrastination is not a good idea. Life is busy and you’re going to have to carve out time to create a lasting legacy if it’s ever going to get done. You may have taken the time to write a Last Will and Testament, but have you written even one heartfelt letter to present and future generations? Better yet, have you decided to create a more detailed autobiography?

3. You may think you have nothing to say. This is not true. You DO have something to say. With a little structure and prompting questions, you CAN create your own life story. You may need to spend a bit of time focusing on what your wisdom is and what you’d like to pass along, but it will come to you. You can shed light on your advice for work, parenthood, and grandparenthood. You can tell about historical events from your unique perspective. You can share your love and hopes for the future. Just get the creative juices pumping and you’ll be surprised at how much you have to say.

4. You may think your family already knows you. They don’t know you as well as they could or should. Do your children or grandchildren only see you in one way? Do they know anything about your childhood or what it was like when you were growing up? Do they know how history touched your life? Maybe they know a little bit but the details are not something they know. Also, through your life story you have the opportunity to introduce the readers to people, times, and places that they will never know otherwise. They may know you well, but do they know about YOUR grandmother? Or maybe they live in the same city as you, but they don’t know what it was like 40 or 50 years ago. You can transport the readers to a different time and place.

5. You may think that you’re not a good writer. It doesn’t matter. Do the best you can. Just say it! If you can answer a question, you can write your life story. Your family and friends will appreciate the natural “voice” that comes through when you write your own memories and experiences for yourself. You can always run a spell check or ask a friend to help you proofread your do-it-yourself autobiography when you’re ready. LifeBio does our best to make the process easy and enjoyable for you.

10 Sample LifeBio Questions

Section I: The People who Shaped You
- How would you describe your mother to someone who had never met her?
- What is a key lesson you learned from your father?
Section II: Your Memories
- Describe your childhood home, inside and outside.
- If you had money to spend as a child, what did you buy? Were you a
better saver than spender?
- What were your most memorable experiences from high school?
(Think about your first date, school dances, first time you drove a
car to school, band, chorus, clubs, projects, school plays, talent
shows, sports, etc.)
Section III: The Real World
-What is your favorite work? What is your least favorite work?
-Have you found true love? Describe what true love means to you.
-What is the hardest part of being a parent?
Section IV: Bringing it all Together
-What does it take to succeed in life?
-What was the best time of your life? Why?

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