Neurons must be challenged to survive and thrive. See a video of Dr. Gobble of Masterpiece Living sharing powerful information on brain fitness produced on ICAA's new TV channel. Is brain fitness really impacting people's lives in a profound way? The answer is YES. The social connection matters. Using the computer for brain fitness is great, but interactions with people lead to successful aging too. 

LifeBio's SOCIAL aspects of reminiscence programming are key to working the brain. Many LifeBio groups exist in senior living communities across the US and Canada. New programs to encourage cognitive fitness through reminiscence are something that STRETCH the brain. Dr. Gobble clearly sees that the social environment matters. "We need to create a culture of successful aging," said Dr. Gobble.

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Note: Masterpiece Living recommends LifeBio's Certified Community Program as helping to meet the social and spiritual needs of older adults.