Have you ever wanted to pull together a memory book with just stories, and memories, and photos to give to a grandma or grandpa for an important birthday? How 'bout a memory book for your parents' or grandparents' anniversary? Maybe it's a 90th birthday. Maybe it is a 50th wedding anniversary. It's always been a lot of work to trade emails back and forth to pull together a group's photos and memories for these special events. Also, you may have wanted a low cost way of doing it so that everyone can just print out the document or you can email them a PDF of the memory book.

Now LifeBio is making all of this easy.  Inside www.lifebio.com there is a "chapter" called Stories & Memories that allows families to work together to gather stories and memories!  You can upload photos and even audio and video to complement the story.  Just have your family login to your LifeBio account and everyone can work together to build a memory book for that special birthday, anniversary, or even a family reunion! 

You'll love the fact that you can bring together at least 100 stories -- just assign family members a number or a group of numbers.  They can type in their memories and then save under their number/numbers.  So maybe brother Bill is assigned numbers 1-5 and sister Sharon is assigned number 6-10 to share 5 memories each.  As the book comes together, everyone's memories will be there in an orderly way with photos, stories, and remembrances that will be PRICELESS. 

Just click preview and print and the whole thing will come together with a beautiful border of your choice on the page.  The text can be long or short (not just a caption) and LifeBio will enable the text to wrap around the pictures automatically. 

So instead of fighting with your word processor or trying to fit what you'd really like to say into the captions in a photo book, use www.lifebio.com and have all the tools you need to create an incredible book of family memories.   Use the power of the internet to bring everyone together. 

www.lifebio.com    More questions? Call 1-866-543-3246 or email info@lifebio.com