Do your children and grandchildren keep asking you to write down your life stories? Even if they aren’t asking right now, don’t you think it’s only natural for them to want to know more about you someday? So how will you tell them more and why should you really do it?

First of all, there’s no one else like YOU—your story is unique and you can tell about people, times, and places that only YOU can share.

Why not tell your grandchildren about you….plus their grandparents, great-grandparents, and even their great-great grandparents (that’s your grandparents)! It’s really about creating a loving, lasting bond—preserving not just life stories, but relationships, for generations to come.

Of course, you can also give them your own advice about love, work, and how to lead a good life. Here was my grandma’s advice to me: “Be what you want. If you do something, do it the best you can.” Because it’s my grandma, it means so much more. I’ll always be able to remember what she said because it was actually written down. What’s your advice for your family? This is your opportunity to write it down.

Reminiscing is good for you too! Over 100 studies over the last 10 years have found that reminiscing lowers depression, alleviates physical symptoms (arthritis, asthma), and stimulates the hippocampus where memories are stored in the brain. So consider the great health reasons for reminiscing too.

Here are 3 quick tips for getting started:
1. Decide what structure you want for writing your life story. Many people don’t know where to start. A template of prompting questions (like the Memory Journal or provides) will make it much easier.
2. Pull out the photo albums. The pictures will generate memories and stories.
3. Call or write to family members and find out what they want to be sure you record.

Most importantly, have fun with it and savor the opportunity to create an incredible bond with generations to come.