This topic is on my mind because I am thinking of two friends with metastatic cancer, and I know that everyone can think of someone facing cancer in their lives. In both cases, these two people are under the age of 50 and they have young children or children in their early years of adulthood. I suppose that's why I want to write about this because I am also at a similar phase of my life with my family. I cannot pretend to understand what these friends are going through, but I can imagine that I would be very fearful and sad to think about my children coping without me. There would be so much I would want to say now and in the future to them. He or she should be given the chance to record stories, memories, and advice. Encourage him or her to do so---it is a priceless gift and it should not be delayed. Despite very good treatment plans, it is a smart idea, whether someone is perfectly healthy or facing cancer, to capture life stories and key wisdom. They can also share the journey through treatment and document a "survivor story" too. You can help with a digital recorder or video on your phone or any other method that is convenient to you and your family and friends.

If the person may need more help or you're worried that you would rather have assistance with the story recording, LifeBio is here with our main purpose of helping thousands of people say what matters most to their families and friends. LifeBio asks biography questions or survivor story questions that help elicit the important things that need to be said. Sometimes it takes the form of a one hour or two hour phone interview and then it is transcribed and turned into a Legacy the audio is uploaded and accessible for the family to listen to again someday.  Others have used our online system at to type out their memories (sign up and try it for free), following the questions provided. Still others have used the Memory Journal book as something they can carry with them and fill out while they are in waiting rooms or just when there is a little quiet time.  Family and friends can assist with the typing of the story or the writing in a book, of course.  If a shorter process is needed, other options are available that could be completed quickly.

Please let us know if we can help you help someone with metastatic cancer. We are here for the primary reason to help those with life threatening illnesses or those reaching advanced age.  You can reach us at 1-866-LIFEBIO or 937-303-4576 or email  See more at