As 2013 drifts to a close, people stop and think about how the year went, and how they can make 2014 the best year of their lives. Why not make your New Year's resolution something that will last forever, and is not only fun, but easy to accomplish? It sure beats dieting or exercising.

In 2014, make your New Year's resolution to record your life story. With the easy to use tools of, this task is not as daunting as it may seem. Have someone interview you, especially a younger loved one or grandchild. They will be fascinated to learn about your life. You've done some things they can't even fathom! Remember the dial telephones? You don't even have to be that old to remember them!

Once you complete your autobiography, your story will be printed out to last forever. Generations will be able to see what you accomplished and learned, even after you are long gone. Isn't that a great legacy?

As you pop open the champagne as the clock strikes twelve, don't only think about the future, but what you're going to leave behind.