One of the challenges of planning games for a reunion is coming up with something that everyone can play together -- younger and older alike. Sack races and balloon tosses are great, but interative family games can be a bit more difficult to plan. Conversation starters can break down barriers and make for a memorable family reunion game for all ages.

I would suggest that autobiographical, interesting questions are circulated and there is a time limit (maybe even 15 minutes) to ask the question and gather at least a few answers from different people. The group can be challenged to talk to people they don't know or people of all ages. Turning conversation into a GAME is the key. For example, LifeBio's downloadable Story Cards provide 25 thought-provoking, fun questions that can be cut out and passed out at your next family reunion or other family gathering. There are also answer cards that say "My Story" at the top to write down answers. A great followup from the reunion would be to compile the questions asked and the answers to post online or to send out to everyone who attended.  If you pick different questions every year, it could become a new tradition every year at your family reunion. Building relationships is what really matters...but we sometimes have to be intentional about it.

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