Reunions are a great place to use LifeBio's thought-provoking, carefully-crafted biography questions....Read on and start planning YOUR next reunion.

Judy writes, “We were planning a very special family reunion for the immediate family members & spouses only – the first one following the passing of our mother a few years earlier.
I was quite aware of LifeBio and its diverse applications at capturing and sharing family information, so I decided to pull certain pages from LifeBio's Memory Journal and use these as talking points for one designated evening gathering. Each sibling received the information in advance and had ample time to think about what was appropriate to share. On this special evening of sharing, the emotional thermometer was high as we used the thought-provoking questions to stimulate our memories. Because the age span was a 12-year range, there were things discovered by the older and the younger siblings about our parents, in particular. We learned so much more about each other as well. In fact, in some cases, healing occurred because of misinterpretations or not knowing information. It was a GREAT way to revisit our past, a wonderful venue for some hearty laughter, a time for reflection, and an exercise to embrace and appreciate each other and our family heritage. Most important, the LifeBio evening became the catalyst for us to set the next family reunion, which we did that evening!”