Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches and lots of LOVE belongs in our life stories too. Love stories and how people met are a BIG part of people’s life stories. Mary met her husband on the street in Chicago during World War II. Audrey and her husband were high school sweethearts. Bill met his wife at church and Ray met his wife at work.

Where did you meet your lover? How did you get engaged? What was your wedding day like? These are all things that will be fun for you to remember and your family will love to read and remember some of the details.
It’s hard to believe, but my husband and I have been married for over 16 years! In my own LifeBio, I went into great detail to describe how I met Jeff when I was a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver. Let me tell you the story.

Back in 1989, I was a poor college student delivering pizzas in my red Volkswagen Rabbit and Jeff ordered pizza every Friday night. He says that he hoped I would be the one to deliver it each week after I came the first time. I liked his address because it seemed like I always got a $2 tip when I went there versus the standard $1 tip most people gave us. So I would actually trade other drivers for his address. I hadn’t paid much attention to WHO was receiving the pizza because I was typically distracted by the fact that I had 30 minutes or less to get the next pizza to the next address. I probably went to Jeff’s house at least three or four times before we had a conversation and it went something like this.

Jeff: Do you like being a Domino’s Pizza driver?

Beth: Oh yes. It’s a great job. Freedom of the road, great pay, great fun. I really love it. I kept going on and on about the job because I was hoping to convince him to become a driver too. (You see, we got $25 if we recruited a new driver.)

Jeff (interrupting): I don’t need a job. I just wanted to know if you’d like to go out for lunch sometime.

I stood there, in my orange hat and blue shirt, flabbergasted. He seemed like a nice guy and he was good looking too. I wasn’t planning on being asked out. I said, Sure, I’ll go out to lunch. and handed him my phone number.

We went out for lunch a few days later (no, we didn’t have pizza) and the rest is history. I’m glad Jeff asked! So meeting stories and love stories are a big part of life stories. It’s interesting how love is expressed because sometimes, as people are answering autobiography questions provided by LifeBio, it doesn’t seem like they are talking about love at all. Sometimes they are sharing their secrets to living a good life OR they are describing their grandparents to their grandchildren. They may be giving advice to the next generation. They are reminding their children to never forget to take care of the earth or get a good education or follow their faith. All those things count as LOVE too. It is showing that you care so much that you’ll take the time to say what really matters most and that’s a very thoughtful expression of love.

But people also say Those Three Little Words that everyone wants to hear and read in a book for all time. As time marches on, it is important to have the words I love you recorded for your family to know and cherish forever. This isn’t the kind of love you read about in greeting cards. This is the love that YOU express in your own way. It could sound like....

Always know that I love you very much.
I love you and your brothers and sisters more than you’ll ever understand.
I don’t know how to say it in a better way just know I love you.
My grandparents and parents loved me and that love is being passed on to you.
I didn’t always say it. In fact, I really never said it, but I love you so much. It’s time to tell your story. It’s time to share your love story.

It’s time to share those three little words , deep from your heart, for all time. You can’t imagine how much they will love and appreciate that.