Count Your Blessings

One of my blessings that I regularly look forward to is that I get to partake in a group telephone call each week. Most weeks there are 15 to 25 people on the call. We live in different states all across the United States, and we range in age from being in our 40s to our 80s. Each week we try to talk about a different topic, and we generally avoid politics or controversial topics. We may also share our joys and sorrows from week to week, and when needed we may ask for prayers and uplifting thoughts. As an unspoken rule though, we aim to keep things positive and pretty upbeat.


Emotional Wellness- Part 1 of 2

What is Emotional Wellness?

Emotional Wellness allows people to accept how they are feeling. Based upon that awareness, they can begin to understand why they are feeling that way. Then they can determine how to act in response to their feelings. Having emotional wellness allows a person to express their feelings more freely. Acceptance of one’s emotions affects a person’s ability to effectively manage through challenges and changes in life. Emotional wellness is the foundation upon which we build a quality life.


Six Questions to Ask Yourself While Isolated

Do you or a loved one spend significant time alone on any given day? Right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, most people are practicing social distancing, self-isolation, or complete quarantine. However, even during other times of the year, you or someone you know may not have a great deal of social interaction with others. For example, you may live alone. You might know someone who lives in a nursing home or who is hospitalized. Perhaps you know an introvert who chooses to be alone more than with others. Or maybe in the winter you or your family members become housebound due to weather.