LifeBioBRAIN: Cognitive Screening Prototype for Alzheimer's or Other Forms of Dementia

A study conducted at the Brown Medicine Geriatrics Practice established that a geriatric primary care population with mild cognitive impairment or dementia found the LifeBioBRAIN (LBB) cognitive screening prototype usable. The study also demonstrates the usability of cognitive testing on a take-home device in a geriatric primary care setting. This work was funded by the National Institute on Aging SBIR program. The app is not yet in market; further clinical trials and advancements in scoring are ahead. 


Keys to Successful Communication in Dementia Care

Dementia Changes People

Your loved one or resident is changing.  Your once gregarious, “life of the party” spouse is now reticent and restrained.  Your college educated, thoughtful father is now forgetful and impulsive.  And – perhaps the hardest situation of all – your once gentle and caring mother has begun to angrily lash out at caregivers, friends, and even family.  The manner in which you once communicated with these individuals is no longer effective.  Comprehensive dementia care must consist of a new, inclusive way to share information with those individuals with Alzheimer’s and other memory affective disorders.