Fun at Work

There is much to be celebrated in our world, despite (or perhaps necessary because of) the challenges that exist all around us. It seems that just about everything under the sun has a day to commemorate it. Some days are based on actual events, such as Independence Day. There are days to honor great heroes and historical figures, like Presidents Day and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. For math lovers, Pi Day is celebrated based on the date (3.14) coinciding with the number pi. There are days for food lovers, such as National Donut Day. There are days for remembering endless interests and hobbies, including World-Wide Knit in Public Day, National Pet Day, Make Music Day, and World Book Day. Other days honor things such as Drinking Straws Day, World Motorcycle Day, or National Yo-Yo Day. There is even a Talk Like a Pirate Day!