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Innovative Valentine's Day Gifts

February is quickly approaching, which means Valentine's Day will soon be here. In addition to the roses that will wilt within a few days, and the chocolate that be eaten, give your loved one a gift that will stand the test of time--just like your love. What better way to express your love than with a sentimental gift that will let you and your honey walk down memory lane... remembering how you met, your first kiss, the proposal, your wedding, vacations, your first child and so on. LifeBio provides an easy way to capture your love story with the Memory Journal, the MemoryBio Photo Album and much more!


Top 10 Travel Destinations for Baby Boomers

With snow on the ground and frost in the air, the summer vacation season seems far away; but now's the time to start planning your next vacation if you already haven't done so. According to Grace Lichtenstein of, the top 10 domestic travel destinations and activities for active baby boomers are as follows: