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The Value of a Veteran's Life Story

The #lifestories of #veterans are stories of courage, tragedy, adventure, and love too. These stories teach us. We learn history. We learn lessons to help us live our lives better. We see the strength it took for you to make it through. It is an inspiration to us. It's also a warning to us that life is not easy--we are all going to face difficult times ahead, and we must be ready to do what we must do.


Last WWI U.S. veteran dies -- Frank Buckles -- the end of an era

The last American doughboy has passed away, and this reminds me that there will also come a day when the last WWII veteran will pass away. With less than 2 million WWII veterans still alive today (of the 16 million who served), according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, now is the time to capture these veterans' life stories without delay.


Vietnam veteran shares story

Jim still has much to give---after already giving so much to our country. Wishing he was connected to youth in his local area.