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Brain fitness and reminiscence grows to address an aging population

There is increasing interest in brain fitness and reminiscence because of the need to stimulate the hippocampus area of the brain (where memory is stored) and the prefrontal cortex (where executive functions, reasoning, internal goal setting, personality, and decision making happens). One or both regions of the brain are typically impacted with Alzheimer's disease.


Memory Care Program Tips

Senior living communities, retirement communities, assisted living, skilled nursing, adult day programs, and other organizations have a growing interest and need to enhance or add memory care programs to their offerings. Here are four tips to consider for your memory care program of the future...


Brain fitness and wellness--Use it or LOSE it

Neurons must be challenged to survive and thrive. See a video of Dr. Gobble of Masterpiece Living sharing powerful information on brain fitness produced on ICAA's new TV channel. Is brain fitness really impacting people's lives in a profound way? The answer is YES. The social connection matters. Using the computer for brain fitness is great, but interactions with people lead to successful aging too. 


Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, & Reminiscence

Studies have shown that communities see remarkable results when reminiscence and life review are encouraged.

Increases Life Satisfaction