3 reasons you should write a legacy letter or ethical will

What is a Legacy Letter or Ethical Will?

Ethical wills are a way to share your love with family and close friends. Think of an ethical will as a heartfelt letter or legacy letter describing what truly matters most in your life. An ethical will passes on life lessons, values, joys, prayers, hopes, and dreams for present and future generations. It doesn't have to be anything fancy--just a letter from the heart that expresses your thoughts.


Making a Connection from Afar

Growing up in Erie, PA, I had a very close-knit family. In fact, I lived right across the street from my grandmother. Despite being a close family (figuratively and literally), at the age of 24, I realized I did not know my grandmother as well as I thought I had. After
an impromptu 90-minute interview, she became much more than grandma to me. She became a real person--who had traveled through different phases of life experiencing joys and challenges along the way. She was a little girl, a teenage basketball player, a college student, a teacher, a mother, and then a grandmother.