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Sense of purpose in life reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Individuals who report greater purpose in their lives appear less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or its precursor, mild cognitive impairment, according to a recent study conducted by Rush University Medical Center. The study found that people tend to rediscover their life purpose by deriving meaning from life experiences.


National Visiting Nurse Association Week

This week, LifeBio joins countless organizations to show its appreciation for visitng nurses, home health aides and hospice care providers throughout the country by celebrating National Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) Week. LifeBio recognizes the importance of the sacrifices these individuals make every day to bring joy, comfort and hope into the lives of others, while simeltaneously caring for their health needs.


Iowa State finds tie between reminiscence and happiness

Here is a groundbreaking study by Dr. Peter Martin at Iowa State…don’t miss this! Read the first two sections of the article to see what I mean….


Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, & Reminiscence

Studies have shown that communities see remarkable results when reminiscence and life review are encouraged.

Increases Life Satisfaction


Benefits of Reminiscing

A seemingly simple process, reminiscence, has been found to have a profound impact on the mental and physical health of individuals, as well as for those who share these memories with the person who is reminiscing.


Benefits of Reminiscence for Culture Change/Person-Centered Care

This white paper will summarize the large body of research documenting the effects of reminiscence especially with older people in retirement community settings. These studies reveal that recalling and sharing life stories has the power to lower depression, exercise the brain, and engage those with dementia.