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Reminiscence Therapy in Action in Senior Living and Nursing Homes

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Reminiscence Therapy increases happiness and satisfaction with life, as evidence from LifeBio's study with Iowa State University proved. LifeBio also increases feelings of purpose and meaning. Interestingly, a recent Harvard study found that increased purpose reduces hospitalizations. Lessening loneliness also has major health benefits.


The Great Depression and The Great Recession

I suppose things could be worse.

It always amazes me to hear the life stories of people who lived during the Great Depression. The Greatest Generation grew up in those tough times. In Texas, they tell me about crawling through fields picking cotton as babes. In Minnesota, it is a similar story but they are picking potatoes. If they could earn just a few more pennies for their family's needs, they certainly did it. Once in a great while, they got to buy a piece of candy with those extra pennies.


Why Reminisce? Activity Ideas for Retirement Communities and Nursing Homes

Here are 3 reasons why some activity directors may hold back from beginning a reminiscence program.


Brain fitness and reminiscence grows to address an aging population

There is increasing interest in brain fitness and reminiscence because of the need to stimulate the hippocampus area of the brain (where memory is stored) and the prefrontal cortex (where executive functions, reasoning, internal goal setting, personality, and decision making happens). One or both regions of the brain are typically impacted with Alzheimer's disease.


Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, & Reminiscence

Studies have shown that communities see remarkable results when reminiscence and life review are encouraged.

Increases Life Satisfaction


METAMOR: a new word for positive, older people...GROWING older (not getting older)

I was thinking that there needs to be a new word to replace "senior" in our language. I was thinking that aging brings about change....physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual changes. The new word needs to describe that I began to think of butterflies and the change they undergo getting there. Metamorphosis came to mind...and then "metamor" emerged from that word. Now, not everyone who is getting older can be a "metamor".


LifeBio: Benefits for Retirement Communities, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing

LifeBio works with dozens of communities and chains of retirement communities to help in the following ways....