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A LifeBio of the World's MOTHERS

LifeBio believes that each person has "real world" wisdom to share. That's why we're asking people to answer questions about what they've learned from everyday life. We plan to compile these answers to make it clear that EVERYONE has a life story to tell. Our first LifeBio of the World is about MOTHERS.


LifeBio Web Site in the Top 100,000

The web site breaks into the top 100,000 web sites in the world! This is according to popularity rankings from According to, there are currently about 78,000,000 web sites. This puts in the top 0.13%.


Pam's Real World Wisdom

Every day I meet amazing people because of LifeBio. Pam Hamburg-Robbins recently won our Name That Cat Contest. As a result, I got a chance to speak with her by phone. What an amazing woman. She's had her share of tragedies in life, but keeps a "glass is half full" attitude and appreciates every day of life.


And the Winner Is...

Congratulations to Pam Hamburg-Robbins from Westminster, Maryland!

She guessed Dalmatian and that's the name of our kitty!


White House Conference on Aging

I'm back from the White House Conference on Aging. Here there were over 1,000 people passionately working to make life better for our nation's elders. Amazing conference. I worked with our partner SeniorNet. They provide computer labs in 240 locations around the U.S.


What's your favorite memory of Christmas?

Is it caroling, baking cookies, Christmas Eve, or opening your stocking? How did you count down the days when you were a child? Share with us and the rest of the LifeBio community. We would like to know what city or town you grew up in too.


LifeBio's "Name That Cat Contest" Guesses - Updated 12/10/2005

Great guesses so far, but not correct. Keep trying!


LifeBio's - Name That Cat Contest - Hints

Hint #1: Disney Movie
Hint #2: The vet was surprised when we brought our cat in for the first time.

READ MORE's "Name That Cat Contest" - Win a Memory Journal

Lisbeth "Beth" Sanders here...

If you've visited lately, you may have noticed a picture of LifeBio's "unofficial" Christmas mascot, our cat, enjoying our Christmas tree. Yes, she is a real cat, not an ornament.


Christmas Day Memory

I was working on my life story and thought this memory was really funny and worth sharing.