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Reminiscence Therapy Has Many Benefits

Reminiscence therapy has been studied for many years in various settings. It can certainly be used in senior living, nursing homes, assisted living, adult day settings, and home and community-based services.


New debuts just in time for the holidays

LifeBio is pleased to announce the launch of with a fresh new look and a simplified approach to capturing life stories, everyday moments, and family history with ease.


LifeBio Testimonials - Great Reasons to Reminisce

We have successfully integrated LifeBio's storytelling, story capturing and story making into the fabric of Edgewater’s being. You challenged me to make it more than just an add-on activity---make it the cornerstone of our programming---and we did and it is working! J Thank you for giving me such a wonderful product to use to build community with and to make people happier and healthier....It is truly wonderful. - Dawn, Director of Lifestyle Services, Edgewater


3 tips to make I Care Plans happen simply and systematically

With great emphasis on person-centered care and patient-centered care, LifeBio has now added a new "About Me" format to its online biography system that generates I Care Plans.  This About Me short bio creates a personalized I Care Plan document that captures background, activity preferences, and lifestyle preferences. Here are three tips for creating an excellent I Care Plan.  


LifeBio Launch - Capturing Veteran's Stories Made Easy Just in Time for Veteran's Day

LifeBio Launch - Capturing Veteran’s Stories Made Easy Just in Time for Veteran's Day

LifeBio captures life stories and promotes better health through reminiscence. The Veteran's Story is a new "chapter" within, creating a veteran's life story without delay


Veteran's Day Press Release

READ MORE gets a facelift just in time for the holidays

Take a look at the NEW  -- click the SIGNUP button to give it a try. Take a free trial.   #Interview a grandparent or a parent.  Tell your own love story, travel story, graduation, or baby story.  Write a full biography about older members in your family. 


Reminiscence therapy: How it works

Reminiscence therapy is used in health care and senior care communities, especially in skilled nursing and memory care. It is also used routinely in speech therapy with older adults. It is effective for connecting with past memories and experiences to build connections and to enhance relationships. 


Best web-based journal that you can easily print out

If you've wanted to get away from your paper journals but you also wanted to still be able to print out what you wrote, LifeBio has the answer.  Inside your account is the ability to freeform journal.  The coolest thing is you can Preview/Print out your journal


Writing an Autobiography: 3 Tips to Make it Easier

Are you staring at a blank piece of paper or a blank computer screen?  You know you have something to say but where should you start?  Thinking back on your life story....there is a lot to remember along the way.   It is hard to do it without some sort of structure to guide you.   Here are 3 tips to get the creative juices flowing from